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Shun Wang (王顺 in Chinese) is a user-experience researcher. While at school he studied sociology, a very interesting subject. Out of interest, he has extensively dabbled in computer programming and statistics, starting from computational social science and extending to various interesting fields. He is the main contributor to the Chinese localisation of PsychoPy, and has also contributed to its CI/CD workflows.

Shun Wang

Shun with PsychoPy

He discovered PsychoPy in an academic article, and applied it to his works and tasks. He often recommended it to people around him. Then he began to translate PsychoPy’s interface into Chinese so that people from the world’s most populous country could appreciate the software.

Shun has very optimistic expectations for the future of PsychoPy. As initiatives for open science and reproducible research gain popularity among scholars around the world, Shun feels that PsychoPy will play a greater role in the reproducibility and openness of psychological experiments.

Shun with open source software

Shun is very passionate about open source software and is keen on communicating with all kinds of people. At present, he also serves as a team member of the open source statistics software JASP, where he is responsible for underlying software development and community communication. In addition, he has contributed to several Linux desktop communities and is also a member of the R-devel team. Beyond contributing to language localization there, he is also responsible for some software quality, tirelessly fixing and testing the software to ensure functional stability and consistency. All of this work is done on a voluntary basis.

I enjoy collaborating with different people. This not only increases your knowledge, but also makes friends. – Shun Wang